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Blue Diamond

The majority of all diamonds that are bough are usually clear or white colored diamonds. Now there is a new choice and that is blue diamonds. If you are looking for something that will stand out more than the usual clear diamonds, you might want to consider taking a look at blue diamond jewelry. Blue diamonds are very rare and have a blue color to them. Blue diamonds are not new and they have actually been around for quite awhile, but they are extremely hard to find. Due to their scarcity, the price for blue diamonds has risen. But if you are able to locate a piece of blue diamond jewelry for a reasonable price, it is sure to make a wonderful addition to your jewelry collection. Traditionally, blue diamonds came from India, where they have been worn for many years. However, many blue diamonds now come from South Africa and blue diamond jewelry can be bought in countries across the world in various settings and styles.

Natural fancy blue diamonds come in all cuts, including princess, emerald, asscher, oval marquise, pear, radiant, heart and cushion and round natural fancy blue diamonds. without any treatment. Vivid blue diamond with small inclusions and a little small mark on the side almost not visible by the naked eye.100% Natural Without Any Treatment. This makes it very ,very scares.

Blue Round cut Diamond

The rounds brilliant is the most popular of the diamond shapes. It is also the most brilliant of all the cuts. You may have heard of a term called “Ideal Cut”. This term refers to the attempt to cut a round diamond into the best proportions to achieve maximum brilliance. Today’s modern round brilliant diamond is precisely cut to maximize the diamond’s brilliance, fire and size. Blue Round brilliant diamonds are the most versatile of all the diamond shapes since they can be used in a wide variety of types of jewelry and in many styles. The brilliance and sparkle of the round brilliant diamond produce exceptional beauty. Round brilliants make up the vast majority of diamonds found in engagement rings. Round brilliant diamonds are also popular as stud earrings and in pendants. This shape has set the standard for all other diamond shapes, and accounts for more than 75% of diamonds sold today.

Blue Square cut Diamond

The Square cut diamond can be absolutely stunning. Because of it’s long lines, it tends to be less fiery than a “round brilliant” cut, but it also tends
to have broader, more dramatic flashes of light. The trim lines of Square cut diamonds lend an elegant, sophisticated air to both the simplest and most elaborate ring settings. While not the traditional selection, Blue Square Cut Diamonds make lovely engagement rings (either as a solitaire or with accent stones). And because they’re usually less costly than comparable round brilliants, buyers can generally afford a larger stone than if they selected a round brilliant.

Blue Heart Cut Diamond

The name “Blue Heart” seems to have been inspired by the rare deep blue color of the diamond and it’s extraordinarily beautiful heart-shaped cut, that makes it perhaps the world’s prettiest blue diamond. The Blue Heart Diamond is sometimes known as the “Unzue” diamond, after the Argentinean woman Mrs. Unzue who owned the diamond for 43 years, having purchased it from Cartier’s in 1910, two years after it’s discovery. The diamond is also mistakenly referred to as the “Eugenie Blue,” after Empress Eugenie of France, the empress consort of Napoleon III (1852-1870), but she could never have owned this diamond because it was discovered only in 1908.

Blue Fancy Cut Diamond

The cut of a diamond is not the same as its shape. While the shape refers to the one the diamond resembles, such as heart, pear, oval, or round, the cut refers to the facets cut into a diamond and the way those facets catch and reflect light to give a diamond its characteristic sparkle. Natural fancy blue diamonds come in all cuts, including princess, emerald, asscher, oval marquise, pear, radiant, heart and cushion and round natural fancy blue diamonds. without any treatmentages, and other content